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  • Anoop Road Carrier

    Anoop Road Carrier, Raigarh (C.G) is well known Logistic Company especially dealing with Coal Transportation and Rack Handling And other vast Fleet/Transportation services  to all Reputed Companies, with turnover in 110 Crores. Anoop Road Carrier is a name which has become synonymous for safe and satisfied delivery of goods and familiar name for custom made solutions in the industry of Transportation and Handling across India. Over the years the Anoop Road Carriers  has evolved and grown exponentially to become an...
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Provide High Quality Service.

To provide a comprehensive range of strategic transportation resources to help design, execute, and manage the flow of materials and goods from point of origin to point of utility, efficiently, reliably, and economically. As a unified team of professionals-at every level-devoted to the success, satisfaction and well-being of customers, and to each other, we pledge to serve your business needs more efficiently and responsibly than any other provider.


Fuel Station

Anoop Road Carriers have their own Dedicated Fuel Station to avoid dependance on others for fuel to run their Transportation smooth and less hesitation.Stations in strategic locations to avoid wasted mileage: near the main trunk roads and freight consolidation centers.

Most  stations are located near major road transport centers and thus offer easy access to the conveniences on offer: Truck-wash, parking, restaurant, telephone, showers, hotel, etc.

Own Service


For heavy-duty truck repairs, Anoop Road Carrier Truck Service Center can provide you with a number of benefits, the foremost being integrity. Anoop Road Carrier Truck Service Center owners know that, as a owner or driver of a commercial “over the road” vehicle, you have the right to choose where you decide to take your vehicles for service. Therefore, Anoop Road Carriers Truck Service Center owners provide services you can trust and will work with you (and your company) to ensure that all maintenance is performed so that you can get back on the highway.




Anoop Road Transportation believe that In a transportation network, decision making parameters may change and may cause the optimum value of objective function to vary in a specific range.

we provide wide range of transport network system having strong apperance in ODISHA , CHATTISGARH , UTTAR PRADESH , DELHI , RAJASTHAN & PUNJAB. Anoop Road Carrier continue expanding their network in India to provide best Transport network to their prestigious clients.

what we Transport


Coal Transportation

Anoop Road Carrier provide wide range of Coal Transportation Services to their clients. Coal Transportation include Washed Coal , Meddling Coal , Raw Coal , Reject Coal and Steam Coal.


Iron Transportation

We Provide wide range of Iron Transportation Facility to their clients including Iron Ores Fines, Iron Ore Lumps , Iron Ore Pellets, Sponge Iron , Pig Iron and Slag Iron Transportation .


Ash Char

Anoop Road Carrier provide ASH CHAR Transportation service to different states with on time services.


Reject Char

Reject Char Transportation Services provided by Anoop Road Carrier with very high level commitment.


MS Scrap

MS Scrap Transportation provided by Anoop Road Carrier.



SKULL Transportation provided by Anoop Road Carrier.



END CUT  Transportation provided by Anoop Road Carrier.



BLOOM Transportation provided by Anoop Road Carrier.